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Guidance in English, Norsk og Dansk - Oplys venligst hvis I har brug for Skandinavisk talende guide                                     

Golden circle & South Shore
Luxury jeep tour

By luxury jeep to the most breath-taking places in Iceland on 1 day:
Volcanoes-Geysers-Waterfalls-Glaciers-Black beach of south coast and the continental drift;
- Thingvellir with continental fissures
- Geyser that geysers name cane from
- Mt. Eyjafjallajökull(E15) erupt 2010
- Glacier Myrdalsjökull who keep Katla
- Gullfoss  The Golden Waterfall
- Waterfall Skógafoss
- Waterfall Seljalandsfoss (behind walk)
- Black sand beach
Duration 10-12 hours
Pick up direct from hotels at 08:00
Price 39.900 ISK - pp

Booking HERE   - Information

Geyser Strokkur

Volcano tour Eyjafjallajokull (E15) 
View after the eruption
Off roads - River crossing
Luxury jeep tour to see effect after the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull (E15) 
(AY-yah-fyad-la-ye kuh-tel)
We stop at Gigjökull and hike into the breath-taking canyon Stakkholtsgjá in Þórsmörk that reminds us of Lord of the Rings and The Ring of the Nibelung both based on Icelandic Sagas 
Duration 8 hours
Pick up direct from hotels at 10:00

Price 37.900 ISK/pp

 Booking HERE  - Information

Eyjafjallajokull E15

Volcano Tours river crossing

Volcano garden Reykjanes peninsula

Lava, Volcanoes, Hot-springs, Caving and Blue lagoon
Local guided luxury jeep tour into historic lava fields and volcanoes. Seven colour hot springs, caving and the Blue lagoon. Reykjanes peninsula the southwest corner of Iceland where the Atlantic Ridge rises from the ocean, with more than 100 volcanocraters, 200 lava tubes.
The Blue lagoon is the most visited attraction in Iceland, a spa with warm geothermal under-ground seawater rich of silica.  It is possible to take bath in the Blue lagoon. Notice: Book the entrance to the Blue lagoon separately at www.bluelagoon.com  We will be there at 14:00. After bathing we end the tour at your hotel.
In the tour we stop at more than 20 interesting places as:
• Krýsuvík Geothermal area with seven colour
    hot springs
• Volcano crater
• Flagghouse from year 1777 coffee brake
• Caving into a lava tube
• Reykjanes where the“Atlantic rift” rise
• Bridge between two continents
• Blue lagoon spa. Entrance not included

Duration 6 hours  + bathing time
Pick-up direct from hotels in Reykjavik at 9:00 
Pick-up from Keflavik and Blue lagoon at 08:20

Price 25.900 ISK-pp 

 Booking HERE -Information

Blue lagoon

Continetal bridge


Northern lights photographing
Small groups in luxury jeep ensure quietness to enjoy the northern lights experience. We assist you to adjust your camera for northern lights photographing if needed. We find you the world´s greatest places to view the northern lights with clear skies without industry pollution.
If the Northern Lights are not seen in your first tour, we offer you to try once again for free.
Trips available nightly from the 1st Okt.until the end of March

Additional information:
Warm drinks will be provided during the trip
We supply warm overall clothes if needed
We supply Camera tripods if needed
Pick up direct from hotels included
If you wear glasses please bring with you anti fog wipes to get clear view

Pick-up Direct from your hotels at 20:30
Pick up direct from hotels near Blue lagoon in Grindavik and Keflavik at 19:40

Tour length: 3-4 hours

Price:19.900 ISK-pp 

Booking HERE  - Information

 Auroras in Grindavik

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Office  in Grindavik oldest house Flagghús at Vikurbraut 2                         
Only 15 minutes from the Icelandic international airport
40 minutes from Reykjavik and 5 minutes from the famous Blue lagoon.

VOLCANO TOURS invite local guided activity tours as
   -Luxury Jeep tours 
   -Eyjafjallajökull (E15) day tour 
   -Lava tubes caving (all gear for caving)
   -Volcano garden Reykjanes penisnula geo tour
   -Northern light view (wintertime)
   -2in1 Golden circle and South shore
-Mixture of all tours above  

Flagghus in Grindavik

Volcano tours®
Vikurbraut 2
240 GrindavÝk
Tel. +354 426 8822
Kt. 710108-0130
Vsk nr. 122100

Tour Operator


All volcanic and geothermal areas, caves, glaciers and other out door trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Volcano Tours does not take any responsibility for accidents that occur to its customers on the company's trips.
For the reason of unstable weather in Iceland, Volcano Tours can’t guarantee a good view or sightings even though the tour is operated.
Volcano Tours reserve the right to change planned tour if roads are impossible or blocked.
Volcano Tours reserve the right to cancel tours in case of bad weather or other bad circumstances
Volcano Tours reserve the right to cancel tours if there is less then 2 booked on the tour
Passengers pay themselves entrance fees on tourist places.